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VCONCEPT FURNITURE SDN BHD is a company that specializes in providing furniture and related products for offices, school, and commercial spaces. We assist customers in arranging furniture in their living or working space to maximize functionality, aesthetics, and comfort.
This helps them make the most of their space and improve the flow of their living or working areas.

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We provide a wide range of modern office furniture adaptable for various working spaces.
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如何选择适合的工作空间 |


  1. 舒适度与氛围:选择一个舒适、令人愉悦的工作环境至关重要。确保工作空间的氛围能够激发创造力和专注力,让您在其中

 29 Jan 2024
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如何选择适合的办公室椅子 |


  1. 舒适度:首先考虑椅子的舒适度。选择一个能够提供足够支撑并且能够调整到您理想的坐姿的椅子。座椅和靠背的材质应该柔软且具有适当的填充,以确保长时间坐着也不会

 29 Jan 2024
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